Aug 19, 2013

Nevermind I'll wait another day for you to come back to me
I have given my ultimate to you when I thought we were all okay
Cupid came back to me, he cried for so many nights and I'm lying to myself you are coming home
I won't find a way.

When I hold your hand it's not the same cause I know you're in love
You're in love with someone else and I will change if that's what it takes for you to love me again
This fairytale ends and you're lying to yourself you are coming home
We won't find a way

Everytime I see your eyes, everytime I see your lies
Love has gone away
and everytime we make it through, everytime I see myself loving you
You're gone away
You're gone away
You're gone away

keep playing and playing this song: Cupid's Fall