Oct 14, 2012

22 things to do when being alone.

1.Read a book.
2.Have a movie marathon.
3.Force to sleep.
4.Talk to own self in front of the mirror.
5.Send a "Goodnight" text to all contacts.
6.Having the conversation.
7.Having the long on call.
8.Take a really long bath and be the bathroom singer.
9.Draw something.
10.Write a letter.
11.Write a short story.
12.Listen random songs at a high volume.
13.Dance like a pro even not.
14.Singing loudly.
15.Make a misscall to all contacts.
17.Cooking even you aren't good in cook.
18.Re-read the old conversation.
19.Properly fold all of clothes in wardrobe.
20.Tidy up the messy room.
21.Shopping alone. Window shopping at least.
22.Watching parody videos on Youtube.

Nah! I didn't do all. And still I getting alone and bored every night. Fuck me.