Oct 18, 2012

L.B.S 2

At the moment when Katerina, replace Ayu's place on Kasyah's heart.
Katerina, who just Kasyah's friend, before.
But Katerina never give up on Kasyah.
Although there is only Ayu written on Kasyah's life.
Till they meet again seeing Kasyah with his daughter.
Katerina still didn't give up on Kasyah.
Even Kasyah can't move on for forgetting Ayu.
Sampai satu masa, ya. Cinta boleh dipupuk dari suka menjadi sayang.
Sehingga akhirnya Katerina wins Kasyah's heart.
Even there has many obstacle that she must face.
Even it takes the long time.
How I wish I was the Katerina...........

This!! Harus ke pawagam waktu ni for watching this movie even I've already read the Katerina's novel.
Can't miss it at all!!!