Oct 24, 2012

Hidden lie.

The truth when I still talk about you everyday even we've ended up all this for 2years ago. I still ask, why we must. I still find, why we should. I still want to know why. Why we used to be like this. What did make us used to be like this. I still can't believe even year by year I have been through all this without you. I know its me who say goodbye and we aren't able till a year. And now you're already have the one who is made your days better. Moments together are still fresh. Photos together are still scatter. Sometimes I wanna know why we don't close like before. Having a long talk, perhaps. Having the nice discussion about study, maybe. Sometimes when we looked each other feels like the love come back. But then disappear when we are aware. You are still handsome like before. Still tough  and still make me melt. For short, I miss you. Attempting realize for all the things happen, but I still hoping. Hoping that we would get back like the rest, and restore the situation that we have destroyed. Ahh. We won't and never ever be. Impossible. Dream can't put on reality, exactly. Stay hopeless, stupid. All I wish for at least we could be a friend. Yeah. Like others.