Sep 24, 2012


Silent. Nothing. Bored to death. Hoi, people don't realize me or I'm not exist or heyy I'm here!! I got no one to talk with. I got no one to joke with. While internet was being shit like pig and snail. Ahh! They're just bestfriend used to be. Fucked-up. Maybe I should sit beside windows, waiting the star falls down and I could make a wish. Or maybe I should face all my book, and do revision. EH? Why I'm being so laborious and sedulous? Defuq? Or maybe I should sit on one of corner on my room, styling my hair like Mark Henry and sing like Paramore. Gah gah gah. Or maybe I should put my earphone on my ear with the max volume, play the Skrillex songs with my messy hair,  make it stunning like night club on my room. Or maybe I should go to the kitchen and cook for my lovely tummy. Eat, eat and can't stop eat until I'm being a fat. Nah? I am fat? Dream! Hmmmmmmm. Or maybe I just lay down on my bed waiting my phone ringing non-stop like stupid then wait how much missed calls would appear on my phone screen. Lulz. Ohhh maybe I should make a short meaning call to anyone someone and everyone just only to wish "goodnight" then, end call. Hehehehehehehe
Good night world!